Psychological Wellbeing And Rehabilitation Centre.
Psychological Wellbeing And Rehabilitation Centre.
Psychological Wellbeing And Rehabilitation Centre.
Shreshtha Dhar Clinical Psychologist
Welcome to Thought Craft. Established in 2019 by Shreshtha Dhar M.A. M.Phil. (Clinical Psychology) at Fern Place, Gariahat in South Kolkata, this clinic is offering comprehensive mental health support in the form of counselling, psychotherapy, mindfulness training, family counselling, marriage counselling etc. We deal with mental health of all age groups like teen or adolescent, adult and old people, and child  psychology. Everyone’s mental health help and support is different.

Shreshtha is a renowned clinical psychologist of Kolkata. She deals with various psychological and life issues of different age group. As a counselor and counseling psychologist in Kolkata, she addresses different issues like anger management, depression management, coping mood swings, anxiety handling, panic attack and others.

She is one of the best child and adolescent psychologists of Kolkata and helps their various issues like behaviour problems, mobile and game addiction issue. Various teen age issues like relationship, adjustments, academic setbacks are very common  and  she handles these with parent - child counseling and various form of therapy.

Besides her, this clinic is attended  by team of best psychologists and counsellor of Kolkata and backed by support of renowned psychiatrists of the city.

We were overwhelmed by the response of you and realized there are many individuals, who need support are actually coming from suburbs and from adjacent districts. We then decided to open another clinic at Creek Row, near Moulali in Central Kolkata. This is a prime yet peaceful location within walking distance from Sealdah Station.

In true sense, we are near your easy reach in Kolkata. However, if still you are unable to get in touch physically, we also offer online video session for counselling and therapy for selected individuals. 

Are you finding it difficult to control your anger. Is your anger impacting your work and your relationship with your close ones?

Consult for:
> Better Anger Control
> Manage Rage
> Identifying Source Of Anger
> Use Anger Positively

Do you often feel all over the place, not knowing what to do, nothing seems to go right, nothing is in place. You end up comparing yourself with others and you feel that others are always doing better then you.

Consult for:
> Stress Management
> Mindfulness Training
> Career / Academic / Job Stress
> Developing Better Lifestyle
> Developing Self Esteem

Being vigilant about food, body weight and shape sometimes goes out of proportion it is then a serious condition and has to be given immediate attention.

Consult for:
> Anorexia
> Bulimia
> Obesity
> Over Eating
> Emotional Eating

Adolescence is the psychologically most stressful time for both boys and girls. They sometimes lose self respect and confused. Relationship issues, academic pressure, digital addiction all lead to lack of adjustment to their surroundings. Before issues turn serious take necessary steps.

Consult for:
> Adjustment Problems
> Relationship Issues
> Self Confidence Development
> Dealing With Academic Failure
> Dissatisfaction

Some common feelings of Anxiety are ‘Fear, not being able to get rid of one thought, sleeplessness, getting worried very easily, racing heart, breathlessness etc’.

Consult for:
> Phobia
> Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
> Social Anxiety
> Panic Disorder
> Relaxation Training

Are you in a Relationship which is exhausting? You are not being able to understand yourself or your partner well. Coping with a breakup. Dealing effectively with abuse in relationships.

Consult for:
> Breakup Counselling
> Identifying and recovery from toxic

Mood changes can impact individuals in several ways such as sudden loss of interest in your favourite activities, not having enough energy throughout the day, loss of appetite, lethargy, feeling very low about self, crying spells etc.

Consult for:
> Depression treatment
> Managing emotions
> Mindfulness training
> Coping with mood swings

Is your child not studying? Is he/she not performing well in school? Not listening to elders? Abusing other? Do you feel that your child has suddenly become very quite?  

Consult for:
> Behaviour Modification
> Play Therapy
> Parental Training & Education
> Mobile / Game Addiction

Any situation that left a deep impact on you, something you haven’t been able to discuss with others, it keeps coming back to you in flashes. Or if you are having an ongoing threatening situation that you are not being able to deal with.

Consult for:
> Dealing With Bullies
> Childhood Abuse
> Domestic Violence Recovery & Support
> Post Traumatic Stress Management
> Emotional Abuse

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