Psychological Wellbeing And Rehabilitation Centre.
Psychological Wellbeing And Rehabilitation Centre.
Psychological Wellbeing And Rehabilitation Centre.
Psychologist Kolkata Shreshtha
Shreshtha is a registered clinical psychologist presently working in  “Thought Craft” located at two prominent locations  in Kolkata . One at Central Kolkata near Moulali  and  second at Gariahat, a prominent location in south Kolkata. She also attend as  Consultant Clinical Psychologist to K.F. Medical centre, a multi-speciality hospital at Gariahat, Kolkata.
She has completed  M.A,  M.Phil in Clinical Psychology  from University of Calcutta and is practicing as Clinical Psychologist and Counselling Psychologist  since last 5 years in Kolkata.

She also is a UGC- NET qualified scholar and invitee lecturer of Psychology in reputed college of Kolkata.
Her specializations are: Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Psychotherapy, Psychological Rehabilitation and Counselling.

She conducts psychotherapy / counselling with individuals, family, adolescents, and children addressing their emotional and behavioural problems. The focus of psychotherapy / counselling may be one or more reasons e.g. adjustment issues, anxiety problems, mood problems, crisis, post breakup trauma, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Career dissatisfaction, eating disorders.

She practices various psychotherapeutic approaches, which include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Technique, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Behaviour Modification, Brief Psychodynamic  Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Supportive Therapy, Relaxation Training, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

She also  conducts Psychological Assessments : Assessments of Intelligence, Psychometric Assessments, Neuro-psychological Assessments, Personality Assessments.

She has been trained / interned / worked with the various reputed  hospitals e.g. R.G.Kar Medical College, Nil Ratan Sarkar Medical College, Tata Medical Centre, Pavlov (CNMC) Hospital. She works for the wellbeing and happiness for every individual.

She also published her research papers in  reputed journals of Psychology:

1.Dhar S., Banerjee S., Mukherjee A. and Dogra A. Self-Concept among Adolescents of Mixed Sex and Single Sex Education Schools. The International Journal of Indian Psychology, 2016, Vol. 3,Volume 3, Issue No. 2 No. 9. Download the paper here.

2. Psychosocial Impact On Women Undergoing Treatment Of Infertility Find the paper here.

About Shreshtha Dhar Clinical Psychologist and Counsellor

Contact For Appointment:
Thought Craft - Moulali
22/1 Creek Row,
Kolkata 700014
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Thought Craft - Gariahat
7B, Fern Place,
Kolkata 700019.
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